Introverts make successful entrepreneurs for four reasons.

One – Their Non-Impulsive Nature

Generally speaking, introverts are less impulsive than their extroverted colleagues which can be a huge advantage. In fact, a recent study assessed the performance of more than 900 CEOs and found that people with introverted personalities exceeded the expectations of their investors more often than extroverted ones. This is because introverts tend not to make rash decisions, but rather quietly question each option and carefully weigh their choices. The comprehensive 10-year study analyzed introverts and extroverts and looked at everything from career history to behavioral patterns to how the executives performed in past jobs, decisions they have made, and demographic information. The results showed that introverts’ strategic planning tends to make their decisions far more likely to be successful in over 50% of the decision-making cases.

Two – Your Rich Inner World

introverts pretty much live in our heads most of the time. Guess what happens when you live in your head a lot? Creativity — and a lot of it. To clarify, being an introvert does not necessarily make you a creative soul, but living in your head more often than not leads to great imagination, great internal dialogues, and great ideas. Allow yourself to have those internal conversations because your million-dollar idea might be hiding up there!

Three – Capacity For Deep Human Connection

Just because you don’t prefer large crowds, this does not mean that you are not capable of human connection. Quite the opposite in fact.“When it comes to actually communicate and building relationships, introverts may have the advantage. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big, loud presence to impress powerful people”.-Karl Moore and Willing Li,

” Introverts have an amazing capacity for building real depth in relationships they wish to cultivate because they actually prefer deep connections with a select few rather than a plethora of shallow connections. “

Harvard Business Review

What is the takeaway from this you may ask?

You best believe that real, genuine human connection is the beating heart of entrepreneurial success. Typically, introverts are most productive when they are left alone — there is no need to have a team in place in order to stay motivated. I can’t help but think of myself as one of those dogs up for adoption that has a banner in their description box that says “does not socialize well” — this is just a label that they were given but they still end up in loving and caring homes where all of their other layers come out, it just takes a little extra work to find them.

Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I do not socialize well, but I similarly had to put in a little extra work to find my right fit, or home, as an entrepreneur.

Analyzed my strengths: Extremely adaptable numbers and data-driven. Pivoted: Rather than working in real estate sales, I began investing in and managing my own properties.

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